bullied at work – now what?

Yep. It happened to me, and it may have happened, or be happening to you right now.

If it has, (or is), I am very sorry. I know exactly how you feel.

While we’re at it lets make a list of those feelings…
• shocked
• horrified
• devastated
• humiliated
• angry
• sad
• more sad…

Does that sound about right? Of course, that list could go on, however I’d rather focus on how to overcome these feelings rather than dwelling on them.

As a side note, and before we really get into how we beat this bullying thing and the damage it causes, I’d just like to say that I have not overcome anything yet. I am right. bang. smack. in the middle of it. So, my hope is that by creating this blog and telling this story of mine, we might overcome this together.

The effects of being a victim of workplace bullying are horrendous. For me, the effects bundled themselves up into a ball of ANXIETY or to be more precise, an anxiety disorder, officially diagnosed, (thank you DSM IV).

So the question remains… what now? and that very question prompted this blog. I looked everywhere for the answer – I even Googled it (many times)…
“I got bullied at work, now what?”…
“I got bullied at work, what do I do now?”…
etc, etc…

I’ve never received an answer to that question from any source. I’m not even sure there is ONE answer. I think there are many answers and, if somewhere in this blog lies an answer for you, then YOU will have made my day.

So, here’s my blog, my story… a journey if you like – not so much all the gruesome details but more of what I have learned so far… about people – all the why’s, all the personality traits, the motives and tactics bullies use that have the ability to turn a perfectly functioning individual into a mere shell of themselves.

This story is brutally honest and it is by no means finished. I do however, look forward to that day when it is all over, when I have recovered and suffering from anxiety is a thing of the past. When I can look back and maybe even thank those bullies, (yes, there was more than one…) for making me stronger, smarter and wiser to any future bullies I may encounter – and how when that day comes, (because it will) – I will not allow myself to fall victim again. I will be equipped – armed and ready – to deal with, and squash those bullying tactics right there on the spot.

end. of. story. My first learning of all I have learned so far is that I will never allow this to happen to me again. ever.

So, read on if you like and lets see where this journey goes and how this story ends…

What now?